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"Remove Ducks from Rice Crops"

This revolutionary DUCK DETERRENT LIGHT comes with a rotating beam of light which covers an area of approximately 100 acres.
'DUCK OFF' works by way of a
  • rotating beam of light
  • fully automatic,
  • turning ON at dusk and cycles throughout the night
  • turning OFF automatically at first light.
"DUCK OFF" is fully automatic and requires
  • minimum maintenance
  • can be left for periods of up to 3 months without requiring servicing.
Please Note:
In prolonged adverse weather conditions the battery may need a boost charge.

"DUCK OFF" comes with a solar panel that charges the battery during the day, eliminating the carrying of fuel and batteries across paddocks.

Features Included:

  • Solar Powered
  • Automatic on/off
  • Low Voltage Shut Off
  • Low Voltage or Light Indicator
  • Operating Light Indicator
  • Low Maintenance
  • Can be left for extended period while operating
  • Easy handling - no more carrying fuel and batteries across the paddock
  • Light and Portable, easily relocated
  • Three legged stand, suitable for uneven surfaces

What does "Duck Off" Cost?

$1,200.00 - plus GST

How to Order:
For Sales and Inquiries - Blacknco Pty Ltd Trading As DUCK OFF a registered Trademark of Blacknco 917289

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